Welcome to Pleasant Valley

  Call 319-337-2622!

PV is in great shape and ready to take you on!  

 Coronavirus Update 

Pleasant Valley has over 100 acres…more than enough for the necessary 6 foot distance between golfers!    

We have/are and will continue to clean/wipe down/sanitize areas of use around the pro shop, golf cars, push carts and range baskets. Please enter the clubhouse, if needed, with no more than your foursome, beverages and pre-packaged food are available in the pro shop to take on the course.   

We have sanitizer outside of the proshop door, we have raised the hole cups on the course, so there is no need to pickup any balls other than yours…and the “New Elbow Bump” is now the new norm.

We hope we can offer fresh air, peace and some enjoyment as a calming force.   

Our complete message will be posted outside the clubhouse entrances and under “Course info” on this site. 

Golf Course Updates for 2020  

We are now taking credit/debit cards on the beverage carts. We can even save for future use…”hands-free” for your future use!

We have moved up Yellow Tees to make the game more fun for Juniors, Seniors and Anyone who wants to use. ENJOY! 

No-Mow areas have been reduced for faster, more enjoyable play. Check out #5 hill for starters!!   

We have widened many fairways to give EXPANDED landings areas = better scores!  

In Our Proshop–Brand New Ping Drivers, Titleist AVX Golf Balls and Greg Norman shirts and tops.  


If you’d like to access to the Iowa City Golf Association for information or entry forms, click HERE.