Pleasant Valley got its start in Holland in the early 1950’s. It was there that the owners met, married, and started their life together in America.

Arie and Toni Kroeze started Pleasant Valley in 1952 in Iowa City, Iowa. The early days were filled with working long days at a local greenhouse and then working after hours in private gardens and yards around the city. These small gardening and landscape jobs were supplemented with the purchase of an apple orchard in 1952. In 1962, a garden center grew out of a garage on the corner of Highway 6 and Gilbert Street and we have been growing ever since!

Pleasant Valley has been involved in major landscape jobs such as the ACT campus project and Hancher Auditorium at the University of Iowa. We have also been instrumental in making many homes in the Iowa City area more beautiful through renovation, landscaping, and gardening projects.

Some major expansions happened in the 1980’s at Pleasant Valley. A full service flower shoppe was added to the garden center and an 18-hole public golf course was developed, built, and opened. These additions were natural tie-ins to what Pleasant Valley is all about… the enrichment of our environment with plants and all that compliments them. Since 1998, Aleda Kroeze Feuerbach, with her husband Kerry and their children, are now carrying on the tradition of growing and beautifying the area since 1952.

In early 2017 the Garden Center property on Gilbert Street was sold to make way for the Iowa City River Front Crossings Development.  The Garden Center, Flower Shoppe closed permanently, the Greenhouses have moved to a new location in South English, Iowa and are open under new ownership since Spring 2017. Pleasant Valley Greenhouses offers the finest in annuals, perennials, herbs and veggies at 29030 150th Street. For more information email Dawn at: or check out her Facebook page!

Kerry and Aleda continue to be involved in all aspects of the company business and can generally be found at Pleasant Valley Golf Course, as the seasons allow.