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Hello, I’m Tom Hein, PGA Professional at PVGC. If you’d like an instructor that really cares whether you get better and can teach you the skills necessary for improvement, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s what you can expect:

There will be clear communication between us as to what you want to learn. I will explain how I can help and what you will need to improve upon to reach your goals.



Individual Instruction

In the initial session I will:

  • Analyze the skills you have. I will use video as necessary.
  • Perform a quick physical screening
  • Assess your golf clubs.
  • Discuss your strengths and show you the one or two important issues that we address first.
  • Develop a plan and communicate the steps necessary to achieve success.

In subsequent sessions I will:

  • Check your progress and answer questions.
  • Identify issues and communicate what we will work on.
  • Use video as a feedback tool when applicable.
  • Check your short game
  • Give you “homework”

I will not:

  • Try to make your swing look a certain way or teach you a method. I want and expect you to keep your unique swing, as long as your tendencies don’t prohibit necessary skill building.
  • Confuse you with too many swing issues at once.
  • Stray from teaching the essential skills and give you the “hot tip of the week”, as the golf magazines like to do!

The golf swing is a motor skill and should be taught as other skills are, such as swimming or playing the piano. I will define the essential skills necessary and we will work on them sequentially, in their order of importance. If your skills are advanced, we will move forward and address your needs.


Lesson Fees

Lesson Type Length Cost
Adult – introductory session 1/2 hour $45.00
Adult – single session 1 hour $75.00
Adult – series of 3 1 hour each $200.00
Adult – series of 5 1 hour each $325.00
Junior (12 & younger) 1/2 hour $30.00
Junior (13-18 years old) 3/4 hour $40.00
Group – 2 people 1 hour $40.00 each
Group – 3 people 1 hour $32.00 each
Group – 4 people 1 hour $30.00 each
Group – 5 people 1 hour $28.00 each
Group – 6 people 1 hour $26.00 each
Group – 7 people 1 hour $24.50 each
Group – 8 people 1 hour $23.00 each
Group – 9 people 1 hour $21.50 each
Group – 10 people 1 hour $20.00 each

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